If you’re in a committed relationship with your significant other but you can’t yet ask for their hand in marriage, promise rings are a beautiful way to show your love and commitment. Choose a unique matching promise ring set to express your bond.

Matching promise rings for couples are traditionally worn on the ring finger of their left hand, which contains a vein that goes directly to the heart.

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are Irish symbols of love, loyalty and friendship. They’re popular promise and engagement rings. The direction of the heart on a Claddagh ring can reveal its wearer’s relationship status. For example, wearing it on the right hand with the point of the heart pointing outward indicates that the person is single and looking for love. On the other hand, if the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart pointing inward it shows that the person is engaged.

The story behind the Claddagh ring is that Richard Joyce, a young sailor from the town of Claddagh in Galway, Ireland was captured by pirates in the Mediterranean Sea in the late 1600’s and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith where he learned his trade. When he was released from indentured servitude, he returned to Galway and fashioned this romantic ring that features the heart for Love, the hands for Friendship, and the crown for Loyalty.

Blue Nile’s Coordinating Promise Ring Set

For couples who want to take the next step in their commitment, but do not want to start the engagement ring planning process yet, promise rings for couples are a great option. They can be worn on any finger and do not carry the same weight as an engagement ring.

There are many beautiful rings that would make perfect promise rings. Some are designed to be a symbol of a future engagement, while others are simply symbolic of love and fidelity. Some are even inscribed with initials or a special phrase that holds meaning to the couple.

Some are even crafted with meaningful symbols like hearts, diamonds or the infinity symbol. For example, this gorgeous set of coordinating promise rings includes a heart-shaped sapphire ring and a ruby ring that perfectly complement one another. The dainty rings are made of durable 14k yellow gold and a beautiful blend of gems that celebrate a couple’s unique relationship. Alternatively, you could also choose simple band-style promise rings.

Fingerprint Rings

Keep your loved one close to your heart with a fingerprint ring. These customizable rings feature a fingerprint engraving on the inside or outside of the band for a personal touch. The half-round ring offers a comfortable fit while the sleek rounded corner and precise detail ensure that you can always see their print.

Although many people associate promise rings with a future engagement, they can also serve as placeholders or symbols of devotion. While they can represent a commitment to love and trust, they’re also often exchanged as purity rings to promote abstinence until marriage.

These personalized rings combine an eye-catching design with an unbreakable, strong material. Black tungsten rings with handwriting and fingerprint engravings are unique and meaningful, symbolizing the special bond between you and your partner. These are the perfect way to show your love for a lifetime. These are great gifts for friends and family members as well. They make the perfect memorial piece for loved ones who have passed away, too.

Unisex Infinity Band

The infinity symbol is a popular choice for couples who wish to display their love and commitment. It’s often set with diamonds or gemstones for a more elegant and sophisticated look. A unique way to design a matching promise ring set is to use a symbol that represents the couple’s shared interests, such as a music note for a musical duo or an anchor for sailors.

A modern tribute to the timeless symbol, this unisex band is crafted with a series of individually handset pave diamonds in a stunning u-cut design. Made with laboratory grown diamond alternative cubic zirconia for a more sustainable future, this beautiful band is perfect for wearing solo, layered with your favorite stack or paired with your engagement ring.

Unisex rings are a great way to show your love for your partner without putting a strain on your wallet. Choose a meaningful design that fits your personalities, and consider adding special engravings or patterns to make it truly personalized.

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